Jan. 15 (Sun.),2023

Only Sakagura-kan is Open until January 27 (Fri.). (Pls Check Here Before Visiting the Museum.)

Kinen-kan is temporarily closed from January 16 (Mon.) to 27 (Fri.) due to exhibit change. Only Sakagura-kan is open during the above period. Reservation is not needed, so please visit Sakagura-kan (Please make reservation for a group over 20 visitors).

The following exhibitions will be held from January 28 (Sat.) at the Kinen-kan.

・Dolls of the Seasonal Festivals Maruhei Bunko Collection: The Five Seasonal Festivals of Kyoto
・Sake Reference Room “The Architectural History of Sake Breweries”
・Sasabe Sakura Reference Room “The Culture that Influenced the Man of Sakura”

Please check the exhibition page for the detail of each exhibition (or click the below pictures).

The Sake Museum cares deeply about the health and safety of its visitors and employees. In response to coronavirus (COVID-19) and to support efforts to help reduce the spread of the virus, we have implemented enhanced procedures and guidelines. To prepare for your visit, please read the guidelines attached below.

Guideline for Visiting the Museum (As of June 5, 2022)


Sake-kun is a Kansai-jin (a person from the Kansai region) who is obsessed with sake. 
He is an experienced sake brewing craftsman.

There are hundreds of surprises about sake. Let's find them all!


Sakurako-chan is a fairy of Sasabe-zakura cherry blossom tree studying about Mr. Sasabe who had tended her.

The more we learn about Mr. Sasabe, the more we like him! As we learn more about sakura, our appreciation
for these beautiful tree grows!