May. 10 (Wed.),2023

Guideline for Visiting the Sake Museum (After May 8, 2023)

As of May 8, 2023 in Japan, the classification of COVID-19 has been downgraded to Class 5, the same category as seasonal influenza, and greatly relaxed its related health measures. We have updated the guideline for visiting the museum as below, according to the health measures.

Before You Visit
1. Please reschedule your visit if you have symptoms of illness include cough, fever or chills.
2. Please reschedule your visit if you have signs and symptoms of an infection.

When You Arrive and During Your Visit
1. Please maintain a safe social distance between other visitors.
2. Please refrain from talking in the exhibition rooms and wear a mask when you cough or sneeze.
3. Please do not touch the exhibits and the display cases.

For Group Visitor
1. Please make a reservation for any group over 20 visitors.
2. We’re limiting the number of people at each museum building.

Guided Tours
All on-site guided tours are currently suspended. (An audio guide is available in the Sakagura-kan.)

Keeping Us All Safe

・Our staff will wear face coverings and gloves at the receptions as necessary.
・We’re providing hand-sanitizing stations for visitors throughout our facilities.
・The conference room and the audio visual room reservations are currently suspended.
・We are taking enhanced precautions for the safety of our visitors and staff.


Sake-kun is a Kansai-jin (a person from the Kansai region) who is obsessed with sake. 
He is an experienced sake brewing craftsman.

There are hundreds of surprises about sake. Let's find them all!


Sakurako-chan is a fairy of Sasabe-zakura cherry blossom tree studying about Mr. Sasabe who had tended her.

The more we learn about Mr. Sasabe, the more we like him! As we learn more about sakura, our appreciation
for these beautiful tree grows!