The Winter Exhibitions are now on view until January 14!

Oct. 14 (Sat.),2023

A stamp rally “Nada Sake Breweries Tour 2023” is being held from October 14 (Sat.)!

A stamp rally, “Nada no Sakagura Tanbou (Nada Sake Breweries Tour 2023)” is being held from Saturday, October 14!
The Sake Museum is the spot for this stamp rally.
If you collect stamps, you may win wonderful products in a drawing! Please take this opportunity to visit the museum.

● Nada no Sakagura Tanbou (Nada Sake Breweries Tour 2023)
Period: Saturday, October 14, 2023 – Thursday, November 23, 2023 (national holiday)
Stamps: Digital and On-site (Stamps will be placed on the entry form.)
Privileges: Collect stamps and apply to win prizes such as hotel accommodations and sake.

Nada no Sakagura Tanbou Official English Website ☛  Nada Sake Breweries Tour 2023 (


Sake-kun is a Kansai-jin (a person from the Kansai region) who is obsessed with sake. 
He is an experienced sake brewing craftsman.

There are hundreds of surprises about sake. Let's find them all!


Sakurako-chan is a fairy of Sasabe-zakura cherry blossom tree studying about Mr. Sasabe who had tended her.

The more we learn about Mr. Sasabe, the more we like him! As we learn more about sakura, our appreciation
for these beautiful tree grows!