Summer Exhibition

GENJI Different Stories of Edo and Meiji Period

Jul. 10 (Wed.),2024 Aug. 26 (Mon.),2024
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During the Edo period (1603-1868), many adaptations of the tale were published, including not only summary books abridging “The Tale of Genji,” but also parody books adapted from the tale, and nishiki-e prints depicting scenes and characters in a modern style. The Genji pattern, a design based on a scene from the tale, was incorporated into furnishings and other items, and was favored as an elegant pattern.
In this exhibition, we introduce the development of “The Tale of Genji” in the Edo and Meiji periods.

Fifty-four Chapters (of the Tale of Genji) in Modern Times, No.9 Aoi

Fifty-four Chapters (of the Tale of Genji) in Modern Times, No.44 Tezuri

Jul. 10 (Wed.),2024 Aug. 26 (Mon.),2024
Open on Aug. 13 (Tue.)
Summer Holidays: Aug. 19(Mon.) - 22 (Thu.)
10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (Admission until 4:30 p.m.)
General Admission: 500 yen
Junior High & Elementary School Students: 250 yen
・Group(over 20 visitors): 400 yen each
・Persons over 65yrs old (with official ID): 400 yen
・Admission is free for a student upon presentation of Hyogokko Kokoron card
・A discounted admission appliles to a visitor with a disability (with official ID) and his/her caregiver.

Other Exhibitions on View

  • Sake Reference Room

Great Sake Brewers in Nishinomiya and Imazu

Period: Jul. 10 (Wed.) - Aug. 26 (Mon.), Sep. 11 (Wed.) - Nov. 18 (Mon.)
Nishinomiya-go and Imazu-go are located in Nishinomiya City. In this area, a number of leading sake brewers in the industry have appeared since the Meiji era. This exhibition introduces their activities, which should be passed down to future generations, with a focus on Tatsuuma Kichizaemon XIII, Tatsuuma Kijuro, Tatsuuma Etsuzo I, Morimoto Jinbei I, and Osabe Bunjiro VII.
  • Sasabe Sakura Reference Room

Do you know? The Secret of Cherry Blossoms

Period: Jul. 10 (Wed.) - Aug. 26 (Mon.), Sep. 11 (Wed.) - Nov. 18 (Mon.), 2024
Sasabe Shintaro (1887-1978) found the charm of cherry blossoms in parts other than their flowers, such as treetops and sprouts. In this exhibition, we follow in Mr. Sasabe's footsteps and focus on the parts of cherry trees other than their flowers, drawing on books, tools, autographs, and photographs to explore the "secrets" of cherry trees that may seem familiar but are surprisingly unknown to us. Easy-to-understand explanations will also be posted. Please come with your family!

I’m deeply interested in the works of art depicting the four seasons and the items that make me feel the history.


Look! Various exhibitions are held as well as those related to sake and sakura!!