Horiuchi Ebisu Collection

Deity Ebisu and Horiuchi Kiyoshi

Dec. 9 (Thu.),2021 Jan. 16 (Sun.),2022
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Our annual exhibition with the theme ‘The Deities of Good Fortune’ coincides with the “Toka Ebisu Festival” held at Nishinomiya-jinja Shrine.

This year’s exhibition displays goods related to the deity Ebisu, and collected by the late Dr. Horiuchi Kiyoshi (1924 – 2009), particularly of which he was attached to. He began collecting the goods of the deity Ebisu after he became the first president of the Young Men’s Association of Nishinomiya-jinja Shrine (“Wakaebisukai”).

About Horiuchi Ebisu Collection

“Horiuchi Ebisu Collection” is a collection which the late Dr. Horiuchi Kiyoshi (1924 – 2009) collected over many years. He was a doctor of Medical Science as well as a local historian. Born and raised in Nishinomiya, his collection mainly consists of works of art related to the deities of good fortune representing Ebisu, as well as documents regarding local history and manners and customs.

◎Upcoming Exhibition◎
Dolls of the Seasonal Festivals
Maruhei Bunko Collection: The Small World of Dolls by Sakiyama Chisui

Jan. 29 (Sat.),2021 〜 Mar. 6 (Sun.),2022

This exhibition showcases  the dolls collected by the Tatsuuma family, a sake brewer in Nishinomiya, and the small dolls created by an artist Sakiyama Chisui which are owned by Maruhei Bunko of Kyoto.

Letter “Kotobuki (Congratulations, Longevity)" Shaped Pole in Nishinomiya

Underglaze Blue Porcelain Platter with Deities Ebisu and Daikoku on Boat

Dec. 9 (Thu.),2021 Jan. 16 (Sun.),2022
※ Closed for the year-end and new year holidays from Thursday December 30, 2021 to Tuesday January 4, 2022.
※Open on Tuesday January 11 (holiday).
10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (Admission until 4:30 p.m.)
General Admission: 500 yen
Junior High & Elementary School Students: 250 yen

Other Exhibitions on View

A Collaboration Event with the Anime “KONOSUBA-God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!-”

Period: Dec. 9 (Thu.),2021 〜 Jan. 16 (Sun.),2022
Jan. 29 (Sat.) 〜 Mar. 6 (Sun.)
The museum will hold a collaboration event with the popular anime “KONOSUBA-God's blessing on this wonderful world!-”.
This event will feature a riddle game (Japanese only) related to sake which can be enjoyed with the Konosuba characters, a life-size cardboard cutout of newly drawn illustration of Aqua (a goddess of water), an original narration of Aqua (voice actress: Sora Amamiya, Japanese only) explaining the sake brewing in the Nada region and many more!
Please check the information page for the detail.

The Postcard Century of Nishinomiya – From the Horiuchi Ebisu Collection –

Period: Dec. 9 (Thu.),2021 〜 Jan. 16 (Sun.),2022
Jan. 29 (Sat.) 〜 Mar. 6 (Sun.)
The late Dr. Horiuchi Kiyoshi was born and raised in Nishinomiya. He was an active local historian who loved his hometown. He collected photo and art postcards depicting pre-war Nishinomiya along with other local historical documents. This exhibition highlights his postcard collection that shows scenes of Nishinomiya from over a century ago.
  • Sake Reference Room

Exporting Sake from Japan Overseas

Period: Dec. 9 (Thu.),2021 〜 Jan. 16 (Sun.),2022
Jan. 29 (Sat.),2022 〜 Mar. 6 (Sun.),2022
Along with the recent increasing popularity of Washoku (Japanese cuisine), Seishu (Japanese refined sake) is enjoyed worldwide today.
Edo-originated refined sake began to be exported around the world, mainly to other Asian countries and the United States, after its debut at the Exposition Universelle in 1889 in Paris, France. After the war, trade was reopened and sake began to be locally produced abroad. This exhibition highlights the history of the overseas expansion of Japanese refined sake.

I’m deeply interested in the works of art depicting the four seasons and the items that make me feel the history.


Look! Various exhibitions are held as well as those related to sake and sakura!!