2022 Spring Exhibition Sasabe Sakura Collection

Days of Cherry Blossom Trees

Mar. 19 (Sat.),2022 Jun. 5 (Sun.),2022
Please print out the flyer and bring it with you to get a 20% discount on your admission.

Sasabe Shintaro spent his life of over 90 years researching, protecting and nurturing Japan’s ancient wild cherry blossom trees. While conducting his research, he collected items related to cherry blossom trees, such as works of art, books and more. Through his collection, he hoped to connect with more people regarding his research, to glean from others’ knowledge and deepen his own. Today, his collection is one of Japan’s foremost collections pertaining to cherry blossom trees, and consists of a wide variety of items including hanging scrolls, Nishiki-e paintings, sake vessels, tea utensils, folding fans and tanzaku paper.

This exhibition features various works relating to six themes: drinking, eating, living, painting, composing poems and learning.

Under the cozy sunlight of spring, cherry blossoms in full bloom fascinate us, but experiencing the cherry blossoms depicted through art is comparable! We welcome you to enjoy the works of art which capture our hearts in various scenes in our daily lives.

Flowers, from the Series Snow, Moon and Flowers of Eastern Genji/ Utagawa Toyokuni Ⅲ

Makie-racquered Confectionary Container with Cherry Blossom Tree

Mar. 19 (Sat.),2022 Jun. 5 (Sun.),2022
※Kinen-kan will be closed on Monday, April 18 for exhibit change
※Kinen-kan will be open on Tuesday, May 3, and will be closed on Friday, May 6.
10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (Admission until 4:30 p.m.)
General Admission: 500 yen
Junior High and Elementary School Students: 250 yen
Special Discount for Citizen Days: April 2 (Sat.) - 3 (Sun.)
-General Admission: 300 yen
-Junior High and Elementary School Students: 200 yen

I’m deeply interested in the works of art depicting the four seasons and the items that make me feel the history.


Look! Various exhibitions are held as well as those related to sake and sakura!!