Fall Exhibition

The Vibrant Lives of People

Sep. 18 (Sat.),2021 Nov. 23 (Tue.),2021
Please print out the flyer and bring it with you to get a 20% discount on your admission.

In various works of Japanese art such as Nishiki-e paintings, illustration books and hanging scrolls, there are depictions of the vibrant lives of the people of those days. This exhibition highlights artworks with scenes of people energetically working to make a living, enjoying time with friends, and devoting themselves to hobbies. The varied activities shown in the artworks enable us to know of the fullness of the peoples’ lives. 

Famous Products of Japan - Sake Brewing at Itami, Settsu Province
Utagawa Hiroshige Ⅲ

Merry-making under Cherry Blossoms
The 17th century

Sep. 18 (Sat.),2021 Nov. 23 (Tue.),2021
※Kinen-kan will be closed on Oct. 18 (Mon.) for the exhibit change.
※Open on Nov. 23 (Tue.) as it is a holiday.
10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (Admission until 4:30 p.m.)

General Admission: 500 yen
Junior High & Elementary School Students: 250 yen

Other Exhibitions on View

  • Sasabe Sakura Reference Room

Let’s be ‘Doctor Sakura’

Period: Sep. 18 (Sat.) - Nov. 23 (Tue.)
Sasabe Shintaro studied cherry blossom trees in a unique way and was later called Doctor Sakura, second to none in his knowledge of cherry blossom trees.
This exhibition focuses on Sasabe’s research on cherry blossom trees. The content is easy enough for elementary and junior high school students to understand, so please come with your family!
  • Sake Reference Room

The Microscopic World of Sake

Period: Sep. 18 (Sat.) - Nov. 23 (Tue.)
Explore the world of microorganisms such as koji mold (Aspergillus oryzae) and yeast which are essential for making sake, in both the past and present.

I’m deeply interested in the works of art depicting the four seasons and the items that make me feel the history.


Look! Various exhibitions are held as well as those related to sake and sakura!!